Historical Evolution Of Environmental Law In Nigeria: The Koko Incidence


This study is on the Historical Evolution Of Environmental Law In Nigeria: The Koko Incidence in perspective.It accesses the Pre-colonial Nigeria societies, colonial and the post-colonial eras varying degrees of environmental law in Nigeria. Environmental pollutions were handled differently in these three eras and different results were realized in each of the eras in focus. The objectives of this paper will therefore be to identify the level of environmental hazards in each of the three eras in our focus and make useful recommendations, with emphasis on the role information played in the Pre-colonial societies, colonial societies and has been playing in the post-colonial era in Nigeria till date. This paper will approach the environmental sustainability by reference to statute books, Internet sources, judicial decision, Newspaper publications and text books. The findings in this paper are that the Nigeria pre- colonial societies and colonial societies had a safer and healthier environment than the post-colonial era till date.Despite legislations to regulate environmental hazards; no due emphasis has been placed on information. Mere legislations are not enough until the consciousness of the environment are embedded in the lives of the citizenry via adequate information channels. This paper will make recommendations toward creating the needed consciousness among the citizenry and makes suggestions to the relevant authorities with a view to creating a healthier Nigeria state.


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